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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. The minimum age to enter is 18 years old; valid ID is required.
  2. Instructions from our staff must be followed at all times.
  3. Coats must be stored in the lockers upon entry.
  4. Visitors visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry.
  5. A-relaxed/aggressive attitudes may be denied entry.
  6. Come in appropriate clothing. Caps, tracksuits, fanny packs, sunglasses and the like are not allowed.
  7. Disco Dolly has the right to refuse people based on the above dress code.
  8. From our visitors we expect a tolerant and positive attitude towards all different races, genders, religions and cultures present during a club night. Should you be harassed by a fellow visitor, do not hesitate and inform the bar staff.
  9. Behave nicely when leaving the club. Urinating in public, being loud, vandalizing and similar behavior is not appreciated and may result in a ban.
  10. Disco Dolly reserves the right to refuse large groups.
  11. Law violations and crimes will be reported to the police.
  12. Bringing your own drinks or food is not allowed.
  13. The use or trading of (hard) drugs is prohibited. If the use of hard drugs is detected, you will be expelled from the club. If you are found to be dealing or in possession of more than the legally permitted amount, the police will be called.
  14. Hitting, stabbing or firearms are prohibited and will be confiscated and turned over to the police. Access to Disco Dolly will be denied in the future.
  15. Security cameras will be used for everyone’s safety. Everyone who visits Disco Dolly consents to recordings being made. In case of calamities, these recordings can be shown as evidence to the police.
  16. During club nights, photographs and videos will be made for promotional purposes. Everyone who visits Disco Dolly consents to these images being taken and published.
  17. We ask that you alert our staff if you see that someone has become unwell. Our staff will then arrange for first aid to be administered.
  18. We ask that you alert our staff when you see problems or misbehavior among other visitors. Never intervene yourself!
  19. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee admission to Disco Dolly. Access can, based on the above house rules, always be refused.
  20. It is not allowed to enter 1 toilet with more than one person.

18+, doe maar lekker!

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My doors always open on weekdays at 23:00 to 04:00. On weekends until 05:00

Right here: Tickets bestellen

Maybe it is! Just send an email to gevonden@discodolly.nl and I’ll check it out for you.

Check the socials of the event you attended!

No. Unfortunately not through me in any case. Only if you know a sweetheart from the organization or staff can you try through them.

Online no more, but I always keep a limited number of tickets at the door. So come on time!

If you show up on time maybe. I always keep a limited number of tickets still at the door. You know what to do!

Often then you have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. Try it first at: www.ticketskwijt.nl and enter your details. Still no luck? Please send an email to info@discodolly.nl or send us a DM.

How long does it take for my pasta to be cooked al dente? No idea! Come as early as possible, you’ll have the best chance 😉

No sorry, you won’t get your money back, but you can try reselling your ticket on Ticketswap.

Yes! Send an email to evenement@discodolly.nl so we can discuss the possibilities.